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Ražotāja kods   51093H
EAN   4007249510938
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Cena Ar PVN   3.09 EUR


- Extremely space-saving and ideal for protecting CDs/DVDs without standard jewel case 
- Extremely space-saving

What's in the Box

- 25 CD/DVD protective sleeves

Technical Details

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)


Field of Application

For MediumCDs
Suitable forUniversally Usable

Logistics (Number, Presentation)

Max. Piece Number1

Size & Weight

Depth2 cm
Height18,5 cm
Width13.5 cm

Physical Properties

MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
ModelProtective Cover


Lack of Portable Protection for your CD/DVDs? 

When buying CDs or DVDs in bulk, for example, to burn photos, movies and other files onto from a computer, you will often find that they come in a tub or a sealed pack of a 100 or so without individual cases. This means that once you have burned a disc you are then stuck over where to put it or how to transport it. Leaving it lying around the house or office or loose in your bag isn’t very secure or practical and can lead to discs easily getting lost as endless piles form and it is impossible to distinguish one from the other. Furthermore, they are also at a high risk of damage from accumulations of dirt, dust and scratches if left exposed for too long, that can lead to poor playback quality or prevent them working altogether causing their content to be lost. 

Hama’s on the Case 

Hama provides you an easy and low cost solution with this 25 pack of transparent CD/DVD cases. Each standard case is designed to hold a single CD/DVD disc and is made out of clear PP-material in order to provide effective protection from scratches, dust and dirt as it knocks against other items in a bag or when stored as well as allowing you to fully view the labelling on any contained discs. No matter if you want to give a CD or DVD to friends or family as a gift (e.g. with photos of the kids or a collection of favourite music), to transfer data or files at work or to keep as a simple space-saving, compact storage solution at home or in the office, Hama CD/DVD Protective Cases are ideal in every situation, including use with discs for which the original case has gone missing or been damaged. Simply grab one out of the pack, slip in your disc and you are ready to go with fantastic portable protection.




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